Field of Study 👀 Research-creation design practice

Trevor Embury is a Euro-Canadian settler graphic designer, researcher, educator, and learner. His practice is situated at the intersection of graphic design and art and actively engages relationships between contemporary critical theory, interdisciplinary collaboration, and making things public.
        His practice and pedagogy focuses on the role of design (what does it do?/how does it do it?) and its public by examining its evolution, effects, and forms within a techno-material manifestation. Through this examination, he explores alternative lines of inquiry located in the borderlands of neighbouring systems of knowledge in an effort to produce a counter-narrative to past modernist universalisms and historical claims with the intention of extending imaginaries beyond the dominant model of thought.

        He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Graphic and Digital Design department at the University of the Fraser Valley, a faculty member in the Graphic Design department at OCAD University, a founding partner at aftermodern.lab inc., and director of visual communication at DesignTO Festival. He holds a Master of Design (MDes) in Graphic Design from the School of Design, University of Illinois Chicago with the Basel School of Design.

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