Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset... is a manifesto of sorts for design and our collective future. This work is part of a larger body of work including a talk and essay (coming soon) that examines the role of the common practice of design as well as traditional design curriculum under conditions of unsustainability.

︎︎︎ Design must encompass a new circulation of thinking and acting.
︎︎︎ Design must look beyond capitalist/modernist agendas.
︎︎︎ Design is more than a tool for the commercial sector.
︎︎︎ Design is inherently exclusionary—the grand narrative of design history tell us this.
︎︎︎ Design is ALWAYS political, never innocent.
︎︎︎ Design must understand its ontological dimension.
︎︎︎ Design as a common practice sustains unsustainability.
︎︎︎ Design is entirely social.
︎︎︎ Design must consider the potential of undesign.
︎︎︎ Design is fundamentally part of the problem—it offers few solutions.
︎︎︎ Design is a form of critical and philosophical inquiry.

︎needs not wants︎

Written with earnest intentions amid challenging times.
Trevor Embury, July 11, 2022.